2 apps £999




1 Android app & 1 IOS app from £999

If your company has customers who use smartphones, which it surely has, then today you need an app to keep in contact with them and ensure they remember your business. It’s a no brainer.

Previously, a web presence was enough, but with today’s consumers checking their smartphone 85 times a day. An app for Android and iPhone is the sign of a dynamic and successful brand.

Do you want your apps quickly, with little effort and built to the highest standards with expertise?

How we work
App development should be neither magical or mysterious. We believe in transparency and find it important for you to be aware of the process. Take a look how we create the app of your desire step by step.


1. Consultancy

We will advise about how to maximise your app’s potential.
When a request is made...

2. Research

We gather all the necessary information about how to make your ideas happen.
With all the knowledge we collected...

3. Development plan

For a smooth development process and outcome we need to create a plan which fits both you and us.
We present our quote to you...

4. Time/price estimation

At this point we can make necessary changes to the development ideas.
We get to work on your project...

5. Graphic design

Your app’s skin is being created by our team using either your website's design or scratch.
After you accepted the design, comes...

6. App Development

This is where our highly skilled programmers create the best aesthetic and functional results.
We rigorously test your apps...

7. Quality Assurance

We make sure that your apps work perfectly and that your brief is fully matched.
For the final check...

8. User Acceptance Testing

We give you the opportunity to test your apps before it is launched to the app stores and is available to download
And the last step...

9. Publishing

The published app will appear in the app stores and ready to be downloaded.
...and BOOM!
Working for you
The App4grabs team are here to help your company to pioneer, conquer unchartered digital territories and unlock your treasure chest of opportunities. At App4grabs, we want you too to navigate, enjoy and prosper from the digital journey of your customers. We are proud pirates, who use the same tools as sailors, but with a lot more fun, freedom, creativity and BOOM!
Working with us
Using the same tools as other digital agencies, but with 33 years’ digital marketing and programming experience, App4grabs believe in creative solutions and dynamic systems to help you to set new horizons. We are a friendly and passionate team who will bring your ideas to life and help you to realise your brand’s potential and create the perfect customer connection.
Working together
We are an eclectic, travelled, hardworking and dynamic family full of digital creatives and developers based in London and Aberdeen. We fuse creative inspiration and flexibility from our young members with business acumen from our highly experienced seniors to form a collaborative and focused team who will work energetically to unlock your business goals. We bring your ideas to life and help you realise your ambitious brand’s potential, providing your clients with a perfect digital journey. We avoid over-use of jargon and keep our communications with you transparent. We believe in doing what it says on the App4grabs tin.
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