Why Us?

There are so many software developers on the market and we know that it is hard to decide who to entrust with making your dreams true, so we listed some points why we think you should choose us.


Obligation-free meeting and idea consultation

First of all, unlike many software development businesses, we sit down with you for a free consultation, where we listen to your ideas, and give you advice and answer your questions you might have regarding your ideas or how the development process goes.

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Full support all the way through the project

We will be there for you to give you support and help all the way when creating your softwares. Especially important for startups and those who are new to web or mobile presence, to choose a service which gives them support with registering to different providers for functions like server, newsletter, notification, online payment and the list could go on forever.

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All in one place software solutions

With us, you can create and expand your website, mobile app and admin in the same place, without the hustle of having to juggle between providers and having to deal with the costs separately. We also provide web and mobile designing as well as can introduce you to our partner graphic designers who can help you with branding and logo creation. We are open to work with your current designer or design team if they are creating your website’s or mobile app’s skin.

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A fixed price quote with no hidden fees

Our prices are fixed and predictable. We do not charge you for over-delayed hour rates and miscalculations made by us.

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Fast paced development process

We do not believe that a development project should take long months or years, as it makes the project unnecessarily expensive and the software can become outdated, by the time it gets published for the public. Our working pace is fast and economical to save you both money and time which you can spend on other marketing tools or further developments.

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We are a family business

Not very common in this industry to have a family business which is fully employed by family members. But why is it good for you? As we are a family, we know each other very well and know each other’s strong and negative points, which gives us the advantage to know exactly how to build up the perfect business structure, in which each and every member can provide their bests. Also in our case, you do not have to worry about having to deal with a different contact person or developer every time you get in touch with us; we do not keep firing and rehiring new staff every time.

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Bespoke and fully individual softwares

Every person is different and can not fit into the same box or has the same needs. Why would it be any different for softwares. Each website, app or admin is made for a unique group of people, who has unique needs when using it. We believe that to fulfil these individual needs, you need an individual software. So why would you get satisfied with a common box when you can have something that was made just for you?

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Free training of how to use and manage your softwares

Many underestimate the value this point, even though it has a huge importance. It doesn’t matter how amazing system you got if you do not understand how to use it properly. We provide online and in person consultation as well where we can go through each function step by step and answer questions. We can hold presentations for a larger number of employees as well on demand.

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1 year bug-free warranty

Bugs often come up after your software has been published and is being used and it is perfectly normal. That is why it is essential to get help even after the original development has ended and that is why we give our clients a free 1-year warranty with every software so that these bugs won’t give you a headache.

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Upgradeable software solutions

All of our softwares are expandable and adjustable, so if you wish to give your website or app later on a new design, change content or expand their functions, we will be here for you to make those changes.

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